Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 2

30 Days Challenge

A moment you felt the most satisfied in your life.

Convocation time bebeh ! This is the most satisfied moment in my life so far. Why? Because as for me, this is the least gift I could ever gave to my parents after all the sacrificed they have made to raise me and my siblings. Not to forget, a gift for myself too after all the hard work, laugh and tears during my diploma’s and degree’s.

 Pregraduation Hi-Tea :)

Final year's Thesis bebeh !! muntah darah kakton mengadap menda alah nie. 

kakton terlampau terharu sebab dapat jugak merasa konvo. sobsss

with my friends quya, jijie and wan :) 

abah : "mana ada orang ambil scroll gelak-gelak..."
me : fine.

kakton overjoy kah? hahahaha

meet my supermom and superdad. the greatest hero and heroin on earth :)
it's really hard to get my dad smiling when taking a picture. everytime.

Nama saya Nurul'Ain. Saya dah grad. Berminat sila hubungi mama saya di talian 019-*******
krik krik.. krik krik

 my gila-gila friends.. i miss them :'(

After 2 and half year of studies..

 we honor the mortar board .


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