Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt..

since i was a kid i learn to read al-quran with my mum. Everyday right after Maghrib, me and my siblings will go to my mum's bedroom to start reading Al-Quran, by turn . Usually we always find her waiting for us while reading Al-quran too, and she sounded so lovely while reading it. Sometime when we get so lazy and try to make an excuses to not going, my dad will play the role as a father to lecture us and keep reminding us about it ( reading Al-Quran with my mum). As time past, we had finish our Al-Quran lesson with my mum, and it is time for us to read it by our own but there's still one little kid left, my youngest brother. He just eight. Since he is too stubborn, he kind of reluctant to learn reading Al-Quran with my mum or anyone of us. He were like 

" ala, adik malas la"....
" eiiiiiiiiiiiiii, mu ni, diam boleh tak?"

see.. sometimes I wonder, where is the stubbornness come from? obviously not me.ngeh3. So my dad decided to send my brother to learn reading Al-Quran starting with the tajwid at one of our neighbor's house that offer to teach tajwid and Al-Quran. Suprisingly, he was excited and get ready early to the class, but as we arrived at the house, he get out from my car and stood at the side of the car sambil buat muke seposen, i thought that he's going to change his mind and go back home but...

" tikah, boleh tak tolong ketuk pintu cakap Assalamualaikum? "


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